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As you may well be aware in July 2017 Moo View Dairy was required to recall and withdraw from sale the raw milk it had been supplying for many years without incident. two compliance notices were issued by SA Health. The notice under the Food Act 2001 was subsequently withdrawn.

The charge under the Public Health Act 2011 is that five cases of cryptosporidiosis (a form of gastroenteritis) had occurred with a purported link to the consumption of milk from Moo View dairy.

However the link was circumstantial as tests failed to detect any trace of the Cryptosporidium parasite either in the milk or in the water supply on the farm.

The Health Department claims that in June 2017 there were higher than expected numbers of cryptosporidiosis.
The number of notified cases in South Australia from January to September 2017 were:
January: 16, February: 50, March: 64, April: 41, May: 42, June: 46, July: 26, August: 16, September: 19.

The ytd average in South Australia was 2.1 per 100,000; the national ytd average was 2.0 per 100,000.

“The very strong advice we have from health experts is that drinking raw milk can be very, very dangerous and deadly..” former SA Health Minister Jack Snelling(1)

So let’s put the perils of raw milk into perspective with some Australian Government data for the year circa 2010(2):

  • 15.9 million episodes of gastroenteritis, of which 4.1 million were estimated to be foodborne.
  • 31,920 hospitalisations due to foodborne illness.
  • 86 deaths.
  • Of the 15.9 million cases 17,900 were attributed to cryptosporidium (0.11%). Of the 17,900 attributed to cryptosporidium 10% were estimated to be foodborne.

(1) Reported on ABC News by James Hancock 12 May 2015
(2) Foodborne illness in Australia:  Annual incidence circa 2010 © Commonwealth of Australia 2014

Raw milk is available in New Zealand, throughout Europe, in most states of the US and was considered a low risk for most consumers in a recent UK review.  So why can’t we develop a regulated raw milk industry? If the rest of the world can approve raw milk, why is it such a high risk public health issue here?

There is plenty of international experience in the risk management and regulation of raw milk so it is clearly no longer acceptable for our health authorities to demonise raw milk with biased fear mongering and exaggerated claims that are contradicted worldwide.

Click here to download an overview of the Milk and Dairy Safety guidelines applied in France. They consume a lot of raw dairy products in France, so they will have some experience!

Aside from the rights of consumers to make an informed choice, raw milk has many documented health benefits. Farmers, Mark and Helen Tyler of Moo View Dairy, have been fighting an ongoing battle to produce and supply raw milk for their customers who insist that it is their right to consume this natural product.

Now is the time to make your voice heard, stop the criminalisation of raw milk  and help ensure a safe and accredited supply is available for all who chose it.

  • Click here to download the latest Dairy Safe regulations.
  • Contact Geoff Raven, Chief Executive Officer of the Dairy Authority on 8223 2277 or email admin@dairy-safe.com.au

See a selection of submissions to the Draft Regulations on the ARMM website.

It’s not just about healthy food, it’s about our right to choose.

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