Raw milk is sold in street vending machines across Europe. Here are some examples.

  • GAILLARD FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 21 2010: A unique automated milk vending machine can dispense fresh milk 24 hours a day on September 21 2010 in Gaillard France
And of course there are a lot more Raw Milk Vending Machines, mostly in the northern hemisphere.

We could have them too, if the State Government followed the European example.

Selling directly to the consumer, small scale dairy farmers could once again become viable.

How come regulators in Europe are able to approve safety standards for raw milk that appear to be unachievable here in Australia?
Why is it that in Germany raw milk is known as “Preference Milk” (Vorzugsmilch)?

What happens if you leave milk to go off?
In my home science experiment I placed two glasses of milk, one raw and one pasteurised, next to each other in a covered container which I left outside.
After 4 months they had changed as per the photos below – raw on the left, pasteurised on the right.
I must conclude that there is something in the raw milk that inhibited the growth of certain moulds.